03 August, 2010

A baby the size of a bus

... it was amazing... beautiful... awesome... we loved it!

The Ron Mueck exhibition at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art has just finished, and we made it there on Friday - just in time. After the initial 'shock' of the nudity (it's surprising how quickly the kids and I got used to it), I loved looking at the amazing details this artist notices and manages to replicate... the translucency of the skin, the shine of the eyeball, the teeny tiny toenails... the boys were seriously impressed.

And as it was a pupil free day, I took all four kids, and found myself recommending having four to a complete stranger in the lift. They were that well behaved. Fantastic.

After the main exhibit we went down to the 'Ghost World' exhibit for kids. And as usual, the gallery team have done a great job to make a fabulous interactive activity space for kids and they all loved it.

The day ended up costing quite a lot (by the time you add up petrol, parking, food etc - next time we'll definitely take our own lunch), and after a lovely visit to my brother in his new house, we didn't get back home til 9.30pm... but it was a great day that we all enjoyed. I used to look at people with four kids and wonder how on earth they could leave the house - and now I know it's not easy to plan it, but on a good day it's like a roving party.


  1. Looks like so much fun - but I'm afraid you won't convince me to have 4!! 2 is sometimes more than enough.... I have a lot of respect for your organisational skills and patience :-)

  2. Wow! What a day. I never did see that exhibit, sadly. I can't muster the strength to take my four to something as stupendous as that! Just getting them buckled in the car is enough to send me back inside!

    Seeing the baby close-up would have been amazing.

    Fabulous photos! Your children are so clean.

  3. Anonymous12:33 am

    I had imagined your lot in front of the giant newby but who is that Anna stand-in with the kids. J is looking quite the artiste with his beret. I can't get mine out of soccer shorts and boardies! Imagine the tribe if we did manage to sync it! Run, curators, run!


  4. Lucky you! I almost went to Melbourne just to see the Mueck show. I saw one of his pieces at the museum here in Canberra (a gigantic standing naked pregnant woman - http://nga.gov.au/mueck/index.cfm) and would love to see more of his work.


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