13 August, 2010

Totally Armless

For my birthday earlier this year, a lovely and talented friend Annie made me this totally original and handsewn totem - "Armless Anna". It features current Prints Charming and 'vintage' Art Park fabric, and she even made the felt balls on the pockets as she knows my violent aversion to buttons.

The thought behind it is that the only way I could have a true relax, is if I could take my arms off and just stop.

Annie didn't know that having 'removable arms' has been an appealing thought to me for as long as I can remember. To be able to take your arm off and lie on your side, without having to figure out how to stick it under the pillow, or under your head... just imagine the possibilities... It does get confusing though, because if you took both arms off, how could you put them back on again? A serious conundrum. (I didn't set out to sound like such a wierdo when I started writing this post...)

This is where 'Armless Anna' lives at the moment. Above my super desk in the living room. Where I spend most of my creative time these days. She was in my office near the paints, but I was missing her. So here she is now.

Reminding me to stop occasionally - so I think I'll do that now! Have a lovely weekend. I'm off to Byron Bay for the first time in about 12 years. Can't wait!


  1. Why am I not surprised that someone called Annie would make you an armless effigy?

    How do you use the fork in your pocket, and that eye-pokey thing.

    Yours in starting to become gobsmacked by Annie's hidden talents,

  2. Anonymous9:16 am

    How on earth do you post at 8:01 am? Armless looks like the Cheshire Cat hovering above your work station. Are you using the new deco- desk and do we still have containment? I think I already knew about the armless thing from years ago when you never slept. My arms nearly fell off last night after Ekka holiday and each kid having a friend to play. There were 10 of them and I was the only adult and it was WINDY. One of them said "This is like vacation care!" (I think he was being complimentary).


  3. I think the trick would be to have a special device for detaching and reattaching the arms (to avoid that "I'm armless and how do I put my arms back on" problem...) - I think I sound like more of a weirdo than you now! Hope you have a great time away!

  4. Funny one.. What a smile in it huh..

  5. That is SO funny. If we had Lego arms that you could pop off, it would be very handy - and perhaps easier to dress??

  6. You are such a dag! and thats what I love about you!!!! xoxoxox


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