24 August, 2010

SAHM Guilt Overload

In a fit of what I can only think of as 'Stay At Home Mother Guilt' (as opposed to 'Working Mother Guilt' beautifully described by Maxabella recently), I got it into my head to help my kids have really good costumes for the bookweek character parade at school today. (That and my now-Year 7-er proclaiming a year ago that as it's his last year at primary school he really wanted to have a 'decent' costume for bookweek this year - looking back, we've cobbled together costumes from things in the house each year, and he doesn't have much to complain about, really. Must have caught me at a weak moment.)

I present to you Fantastic Mr Fox and The Mad Hatter.

So in the last 3 days I've made my first ever foam costume hat (a learning curve, I tell you), fur ears and a tail, and a suit jacket and pants out of half-priced mustard coloured faux-suede. Yum. Thank God for dear Annette stopping by and mentioning that her daughter had dressed up as the Mad Hatter just last week, so the rest of the outfit was borrowed from her (she has a doctorate in op-shopping, that girl!).

I blame all the lovely, encouraging comments on this blog, for raising my levels of self esteem and self-perceived-skill-levels ... I was actually at the stage of thinking I could pretty much sew anything! It was just a pattern after all... cut it out and sew it up!

But no, that jacket looks ok in this photo, and yes, it's only a costume - but dear God, how do you sew sleeves in well? These were a total mess. Ah, but the ears and tail, they were fun to make!

The kids were suitably appreciative (very sweet actually), had a great day, and now it's over I'm going to bed.

If you could see the massive pile of folding due to my sewing bender you'd be pretty impressed too. Oh yes you would! Guinness world records material.


  1. The boys look great....and I'm sure they both got into character because they had such great costumes. Well done Anna..rid yourself of that SAHM guilt! you made the time to create 2 pieces of wearable art!!

  2. I take my hat off to you, they're so good!
    I try never to succumb to such guilt, which i find easy as I grew up without my mum around at all.

  3. you've done a fantastic job, so lucky to have kids that care about book week

  4. Anonymous7:40 am

    I love dressups for my kids. Not as keen for myself. Why do we always need to do a frantic op shop run the day before a 40th? DRESS UPS! I remember a very small Bartlett boy and some Smithereens in wizardy gear at Tealbin Park and remember all my Woody's at his 5th....Gorgeous!!!!! But the Rocky Horror cossies I've had to wear- not cute AT ALL! Your B 1 looks quite the sartorial dapper dan.


  5. These costumes are amazing!!

    Well done. Forget guilt, pride is what you need here.

  6. Sometimes I miss your posts ... don't know how ... they slip under the radar. Those costumes lookfabulous! Don't know how you manage it!

    Those sons would have been chuffed with their costumes. They'd love you to bits for the effort you made!

  7. How the heck am I going to get even spitting distance to that? Fantabulous job. There were Fantastic Mr Fox mutterings at my house. All I can say is Not A Hope In Hell. Bad, bad mother.

  8. OMG, these costumes are AMAAAAAZING! Look how proud those two little faces are. You know, I never even considered the pressure being a SAHM might inflict. The best dressed, the best fed... all because you're supposed to have 'time'. Can't win either way, can we!?!

    PS - I've been stretched for time with my fave blogs, so I only just found this post as I moseyed around the ones I missed. Thanks for linking to me. x


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