24 May, 2010

Double meme - because I'm a multitasker

I've decided to participate in both Megan's meme (Monday Mama) and Pip's ("I Made This") just to feel like I've managed something today.

In reality we had a busy night with the girls and their runny noses, they then woke late and I missed my walk with Jen, I tried to cook things that might interest my sicky and finicky babies, stayed in my pyjamas because they were already covered in snot and I figured I had enough laundry to deal with, brought in the washing off the line but didn't get it folded or another load on, I cut all their little finger and toenails (they grow at the speed of light!) and managed 20 minutes lying down next to the toddler before the baby woke us all up again. I've got some alterations to make on the school race day designs I've done now, and then I'd LOVE to sew a little, but I know it's getting late and I'm probably crazy...

Anyway, back to both themes - I do equate the making of pikelets with motherhood -

And also the making of ramekins of baby-friendly bread and butter pudding (love the smell of these) -

And to feel a little more worthy of participating in the meme, this is the linen outfit I made for S from that Japanese pattern book that I mentioned here.

I think I'm happy to iron it because I made it, but honestly, it's linen with a bit of body, so it's washing really well, the ironing takes next-to-no time and she's getting plenty of wear out of it. So glad I made it. I think I'll also be happy when I manage to get S's hair trimmed!

Now, for a little finale.

While I was looking around Pip's links, I stumbled across DeLysh and this terrific video for a "Cherpumple" Cake (think "Turducken", but in cake). Classic.

Have a lovely week!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I hope your kids feel better soon. I followed you home from 'Mikes'. The puddin' looks yummy!

  2. Recipe for the pud please! I could smell it through the screen.

  3. Yum, the puddings look yummy!


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