09 May, 2010

Mother's Day

I just had to post a little excerpt from an email sent to me by a darling friend yesterday - 

"I don't know why I anticipate such a tiring mothers day but I believe it has to do with visiting his mother, meeting my family for a "counting" and having to buy presents and make cards for them because everyone else is too busy gardening and going to soccer and recovering from their week at camp. 

So my pre-mothers day day involved 5 loads of washing, folding and putting away that washing, making cake and food for tomorrow's "Celebration" and of course getting those cards done so the glue will dry on the charmingly hand made thingos..... and I did it all to myself. 

Tomorrow I want them to stop bickering, telling me they're hungry, asking me where socks are and fighting over the socks "because he got the new ones", and for pigs to fly and hell to freeze over . Or maybe a hot cup of tea and to be left alone to drink it all, slowly without a nipper on my nipple. 
Hope your day is, in some small way, for some of the time, sublime."

I could never have said it better myself.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. Annie9:04 pm

    All the wishes came true (bar the pig and hell) , even the tea without the tyke and an afternoon sleep which means I feel way too perky for this time of night. Best part of M Day apart from the gorgeous kids and the homemade cards and pressies... they ALL went to bed at 7.30pm including the ol' fella so I have a quiet house all to myself to play in!


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