27 May, 2010

My Creative Space - sew sew

Inspired by Sooz, and on the recommendation of a fashionable friend, I actually sewed myself a pair of wide leg pants last night. In a very forgiving wool blend that hangs kindly, and only being my second Ottobre pattern, I started out just planning to cut out the pattern, then I thought, "Why not? I'll cut out the fabric."

Then of course the little voice starts, "May as well sew the darts and pockets, then it'll be a breeze to finish."

Then "Oh look, the leg seams and crutch take just a moment and these instructions for the fly look pretty easy."

And before you know it, the thing's sewn up, I'm making the waistband fit, and finding a button in the stash that's accidentally perfect.

This afternoon I sewed on the belt loops and whaddayaknow - it's a pair of pants! And they actually fit.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some very homemade bits, but I think I'll get away with it. The fabric is very forgiving.

And in a house full of sick kids with ear infections and coughs, and invisible housework that never ends it feels good to have finished something.

Here is a picture of a happy little sick kid that keeps smiling although her head must be hurting so much.

She doesn't care about the pants. So that's why I'm 'show and telling' here.

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  1. What a fabulous pair of pants - but you should have modelled them for us! I really like the fabric you've used.

    Good luck with all those sickies.

  2. Whoa. Pants, hmm? I get hives at the thought of making grown-up clothing...but yours look impressive!

  3. well done, what an achievement with sick kids and endless housework!!!!


  4. Wow - I'm impressed, they look great! Sometimes it's great when you get on a roll (not that I've got much recent experience of that myself!)

  5. Did you wear them on the weekend? If so we would love to see you in your finery- I'm thinking maybe from Sunday. You are a clever possum and B is getting SO big!

  6. good work they look fab!

  7. Pants are hard to sew so goodonyer! Poor little darling... it looks like such a forced smile. Hope they're feeling better. x


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