06 May, 2010

My Creative Space - FINALLY a Creative Space!

We had a long weekend here this week, Labour Day and all, and having been unable to participate in the 'Creative Space' for the last few weeks (there's been nothing creative happening here, it's been all meetings and school musicals and study and classes) I explained to my husband that I needed to sew. My son explained to me that he needed to work on his magic tricks (read experiments with vinegar, bicarb, salt and fizzy drinks - pic below). Happily we both got what we wanted.

I probably would have also needed to bake, but the mixmaster is in the shop at the moment, due to the fact that even though I know better I stuck a spoon in the beaters - and I've noticed a direct correlation between mixmaster usage and my bottom line (literally - my big wide bottom line). So best that it be taken away for a while.
So back to the sewing. Even though I also need to be painting (it is my year of school-friend's 40th's and I want to give paintings this year) I haven't been happy with recent attempts. So I have fallen back on the predictability of making things with recipes and patterns. There's a much greater possibility of success that way.

Anyway, the weekend involved a complete takeover of the dinner table, rolling out my sewing 'cabinet' (it's a clothes rack thing on wheels) and getting stuck into it. There were a few late nights (even with a helpful husband there's a limit to what can be achieved during children's awake hours) but even though I'm tired now, it's a happy tired.


Here's what got made. Cord pants (above). Fabric from Lincraft.

Two tops (two patterns), and two more bottoms (same pattern). LOVE the japanese pattern book I got from RetroMummy. All these were from that book. The cream japanese print fabric was also from RetroMummy (and on special at the moment FYI). Navy and natural linens from Lincraft. Coloured patterned cotton from Spotlight.

I did make a few mistakes, mainly to do with not reading the pattern properly (it was in japanese, but all the numbers are there in the pictures) and seam allowances. But now that I've made the pants three times, and have learned new ways of doing things by making the tops, I'm no longer afraid of patterns with detail and interesting bits. Everything fitted well and I am seriously happy mum.

Then I made a pair of pants for a groovy newborn (altho they won't fit him for at least a year) from an Ottobre pattern (my first), to go with the t-shirt I bought from Well Spotted, and a stuffed toy I made up - which ended up a bit like a pizza with too many toppings (so has been named "Prince Alfonzo Cooee Popple" - note to self, perhaps pick a theme next time). S cuddled him and settled in for a midday nap, so at least I know he works well.

And I also made a girly stuffed toy for another newborn, which S loved to cuddle, but refused to 'model' for me. So here she is again. Inspired by the softies book, but altered because of my inability to really want to follow a pattern.

I am now feeling complete again. The sewing 'room' has been put away, and tonight we will eat dinner at the table. Life is getting back on track.

For more consistent creative spaces, be sure to visit kootooyoo.


  1. I know what you mean when you say you NEED to sew. It's like an itch that you can't reach...and won't go away until you sit at that machine and sew, sew, sew!
    I adore Prince Alfonzo Cooee Popple. What a lovely little pizza. :D

  2. P.S. I just noticed you live in Woomby! Me too! How cool is that.

  3. Love the T-shirt and pattern book. Couldn't find the book on the link though. You can take your arms off and have a little rest now that you have purged your impulses for a while.

  4. Fantastic sewing, I love everything you have made.

  5. You have been on a roll!! Love the bright pants and the softies!! I think I need to pull out my sewing machine a little more and give a few things a go. Well done! Great space!


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