12 May, 2010

A lovely surprise

As I was driving out of our driveway to take the two smallest to the doctor, I knew I had a few minutes so I stopped and got the mail out of the letterbox.

I'm waiting on another Japanese pattern book, but no, there was a lovely, handwritten and decorated envelope for me from... Jenmeister, a blogfriend. And inside, a magic eye postcard (classic) and one of her handmade morsbags - beautifully hand stencilled with a tree no less.

What a lovely surprise! Out of the blue! I used the bag straight away to get some of our gear from the car into the house.

Thank you Jen!

To see more of the good deeds the lovely Jen's doing right now, visit her blog here.

And the little ones have colds, and one has an ear infection, but we're working our way through it. Things are a little bleary around here though.


  1. oh beautiful lovely mail!! lucky you! esp when the days are bleary with sick lil ones!

  2. hope the girls have a speedy and not so draining on mum recovery.xoxo


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