31 July, 2010

An in-between post

Just for posterity, I'm reporting that I'm joining in with pottymouthmama's habit plan -

and the habit I am going to master (and look, it's not a biggie) is to drink 10 glasses of water each day.
In doing so I'll at least have less TIME in my day to stuff my face with other comforting things. And I do like to drink water. I'm just out of the habit - until tomorrow, when I will be back in it. And that's that.

And if you haven't read it already, you should go read this hilarious blog - Make Mine Mid Century.
She's prolific and has a gift with words (and has four kids which contributes to the wierd parallels our lives sometimes seem to have).

And I'm also getting my act together body wise and using Trish to help me. She's turning 40 a month after me, and boy, I've got some work to do. The stupid thing is that I know what I need to do, and yet, am not even close. So the reminders that she's posting, and the 'truthful tuesdays' that she's promising, will surely do more good than harm.

And for a little bit more papercut love, this is from 'thetimeisnow' on etsy. Lovely.

I've got some more papercut ideas that have yet to come to life, so the inspiration is welcome.

And that is it for now, have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous7:56 am

    Waiting for the Goma shots!!!


  2. Oh, you're a trick aren't you? Thank you.

    You're both generous and genuine ... a one-of-a-kind.

    I saw papercuts on DesignSponge yesterday of fingerprints ... I don't know how you all do it.

    Yours in keeping hydrated,

  3. Hi Anna, thank you so much for your great comments about my blog & welcome, its great to have someone else joining the challenge. Your art is AMAZING, I have NO talent in this department what so ever!!! I feel your pain with the non sleeping 3yr old, I have one of those also.
    Have a wonderful weekend & enjoy that water!!!

  4. Excellent! Glad to have you aboard the Good Ship Habit...er, yeah you know what I am saying! Cheers to you (water only).

  5. ah, yet more lovely inspiration!


  6. Did you drink your water??!

  7. Hi, I am joining in with the habit learning, nice to get one rather than break one!

    My water glass is still under drought restrictions it seems, and just doesn't want to be filled. But my tea does have water...can that count?


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