29 March, 2010

Five Faves

It's been a pretty productive and 'familyish' weekend at home, so thought I'd join in with Pip's Five Faves this week.

1. Sewing Cushions for me - I bought this craft panel from Aunty Cookie last week and just had to make it up (trying another easy zip method from this Design Sponge tutorial) into this denim backed number. I love it alongside my Anna Maria Horner homemade cushions.


2. Making Cushions for my kids - they get so excited, and honestly, there were no sewing mountains climbed here.

Firstly, this one from a Canteen bandanna for my boy who loves yellow (and I'd promised it for his October birthday, last year!).

Then these two Dora cushions made from the cover on the old kids fold out lounge. The foam had had it, but the cover was the real favourite. I just stuffed them like toys and she was ecstatic.


And this one for my boy who loves typical-boy-bottom-humor - and I got to recycle some of his old jeans. It was a big hit.

3. Baking - tried the very 'American sounding' recipe for Graham crackers today from this recipe here - liked making them, and am sure my attachment to trying them is because I've always heard of 'smores' and I think that's what they're used for - but they're not quite it for me (I'm happy to say that the kids still liked them and there's just enough left to send some to school tomorrow).

4. Little 'Lemonade' Stands - where a jug of water and a few cups mean hours of imaginative fun.

5. Handmedown toys from the boys to the girls - this dolls house was originally built by my father-in-law for my step daughter - who is now 22, and when it was passed down to the boys I painted the rooms and painted on some furniture ('real' furniture always got in the way of the dinosaurs). Today we got it out and cleaned it up for the girls, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next incarnation of play. It's been a huge success with S already.

And as an extra bonus I even went and saw Avatar this weekend, which I did enjoy, which was a pleasant surprise because I'm not a sci fi sort of person. And it was a lovely 3 hours of by-myself time, hidden behind 3D glasses. No complaints there.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Those cushions are lovely expecially the cross and jeans ones.

  2. Hahaha, nice work with the recycled jeans :)

    Yes, graham cracker + toasted marshmallow + choc (which the marshmallows melts) + another graham cracker = a s'more. As in "Gimme s'more now!. Quite tasty :D


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