22 March, 2010

How many times should you reboil water?

I understand that you're supposed to boil fresh water for the perfect cup of tea (and probably not use a teabag I guess), but if I boiled fresh water every time I'd be personally responsible for our water crisis.

I think I've boiled the kettle intending to have a cup of tea at least 6 times this morning. I'm happy to report that I've finally poured the water into the cup - so that's a step forward.

Now, I'm going to share a couple of handy family recipes that I find useful. My focus on recipes at the moment is because I'm learning web design and have decided my first 'code only' project is going to be a simple recipe site, so I need so take some photos and figure out some links.

These first biccies are Sultana Bran cookies and I got the recipe (that was originally from the Kelloggs website) from Jane Kennedy's blog. I just added a bit of leftover chocolate icing to distract my kids from the fact that there are sultanas in there.

My second recipe is for Chocolate Slice and was originally from a Burkes Backyard mag (I think - I've cut it out and pasted it in my recipe file, and can't remember!). Anyway, I've made it marginally healthier (if that's possible when you start with 200 g of butter) and have drawn out the recipe for you (inspired by a terrific illustrated recipe site called recipe look - thanks Cathie!). Just click on the image to see it bigger.

I use it as a very quick to make lunchbox treat, and when choc slice is needed for tuckshop. You can of course use plain flour and sugar, but hey, if you've got the brown stuff, it still tastes great.

Oh, my tea is now cold. Might just refill the kettle...


  1. looks good Anna and love the illustrated recipe!!
    your pics are looking FAB!

  2. annie7:22 am

    I read somewhere that an envirofriendly Mum had the same reboiling- never making tea problem. She suggested filling a thermos after the first morning boil up. Great idea!

  3. Hi Anna, your illustrated recipe reminded me of Dan Roam - the visual thinking guy... http://www.digitalroam.typepad.com/ It's not exactly art, but I love his concepts.
    Hope Beth is being good for you. Eva is still toothless, but is finally sleeping 11 hours a night (yay!)

  4. Your pictures make me hungry! This is my first visit! Love it!

  5. http://www.recipelook.co.uk/

    is that it?

  6. Love the recipe illustration... I think you should do an entire blog exactly like that and then publish a book every 12 months.

  7. Cool recipe, you should send it in to us, if you like...


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