18 March, 2010

My Creative Macarons

This is what good 'parisian' macarons should look like.

Tartelette is one of my favourite 'food' blogs and her talent with the macaron (and macaron photography) is second to none. Check these beauties out...

Ah, mouthwatering.

Now, I'd admired these macarons, and seen them on quite a few blogs and today I attempted my own - without reading anything except the recipe in the Women's Weekly Bake book, and without a decent piping bag (I used a glad bag).

And they were not perfect (and they were really pointy on top!), but they were yummy.

And I made them to use the egg whites leftover from an ice cream attempt. So they'll be made again, and next time I hope to get a little closer to the Tartlette ideal! So I'll make sure I read her instructions here.

There have been paintings finished this week, but I'm too tired to post them now.

For more creative spaces, head over to Kirsty at kootooyoo...


  1. They look amazing :-) I think they contain nuts though, is that right? Almonds? Which means I can't eat them :-(

  2. Those look so yummy! I wish I had enough time on my hands to try that out for myself.

  3. Pointy-topped macarons can't be wrong! They look divine. Moreish. Here's to ice cream making leftovers...(you really know how to hang out in the kitchen).

  4. You know, I think your macaroons look so much more appealing though. If I had a choice I'd pick your happy, spirited, individually unique macaroons over some 'perfect' french ones anyday. good job!


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