06 March, 2010

A Request

A little while back I needed a pincushion, so I put it out there (through the Meet Me At Mike's forum) and lo and behold the lovely Cherry made one and sent it to me!

So here's another request that I'm sending out there to blogland - I'd really like to do a painting of matryoshka/babushka dolls, but haven't been able to take an image I'm happy to work from.

Do you have an interesting photo of these dolls that you'd be happy for me to paint from? Whether it's one, or the full set, I'd be really keen to see it! I'm thinking of interesting angles... I'm painting a series called "Collectables" and love to use colour - does that help?

If so, could you please email it/them to me at anna@annabartlett.com. I'll be sure to send a special thank you if I use your photo.

OK Universe. Do your thing!


  1. Miss Anna,
    I have a dvd on painting nesting dolls I can loan to you...I havent looked at it at all and I bought the damn thing a year ago, the author even asked me to critique it for her...would you like me to send it to you?
    Oh and I simply must have a set of Alice in Wonderland paintings too...
    Talk soon

  2. Hi Anna,
    just emailed you a few photos of a set of babushka dolls : )


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