25 March, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I received the handy photo scanner that I ordered from here.

On Tuesday, during procrastinations about doing housework, I noticed a small photo album of my trip to the US in 1994 was falling apart, so I decided to take all the photos out and find a photo shop downtown that would scan them for me (as it's a pretty underwhelming job to do on my flatbed scanner at home, and let's face it, I may not get around to it).

Lo and behold about 2 hours later I saw a tv ad (whilst feeding the baby that rarely sleeps) for a photo scanner that would do exactly what I needed. And it looked fast, and easy, and if I had my own, well! The sky's the limit! I could scan so many of my other photos from before digital and make photobooks like I've always wanted! (OK, so that's a lot of exclamation marks. I don't get out much. This is really exciting for me.)

So I ordered it on Tues night and it arrived today, and whilst feeding B her lunch I managed to scan the whole pile, then after taking J to get his mouthguard this afternoon I corrected the images in photoshop (they are pretty ordinary photos - more 'memories' than 'photography') and set them to upload onto snapfish while we went to Mum's for dinner. Then after getting home and putting the kids to bed I've gone and made the book and sent off my order.

Can't believe it.

Honestly, I've been planning to make a photobook for SO LONG and now I've done my first one and I'm much happier than doing the housework would have made me. By far.

And because the planets all aligned, I was seriously inspired by seeing a book my visiting aunt made about her trip to NY last year with her daughter. I saw Patsy and her fabulous book this morning, and when I came home the scanner was sitting here, waiting for me. I couldn't have planned it better.

And wouldn't you know it - the housework is still all here, waiting for me. Perhaps tomorrow...

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  1. Good for you! Of course, it's more important to preserve precious memories than housework. Boo to housework!

  2. hurrah for the photobook project, screw the housework!

  3. i'll have to look more at your scanner ... i have a fantastic canon but it's not my favourite to use. go with the craft ... that's what i always do. the housework will always be there ... like death and taxes and all the other unpleasant things!


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