08 March, 2010

My parallel universes

I think I could be living one life in two separate universes. And they're both busy right now.

By day I do stuff like this (not every day, but it happened yesterday - all the while S was trying on each item of clothing I was trying to sort and B tried out her new bottom teeth on my ankle - I mean she's now literally an 'ankle biter').



Read this quote today on the Simple Mom blog and loved it so much I had to print it out and put it on the fridge.

Pretty much sums up most of my days. Except it doesn't snow here, lately it just rains. And the grass grows and grows. So it'd probably be better to read "... like mowing while it's still raining." But then it wouldn't rhyme...

And by night I do this. Because I have to. Otherwise I'll go crazy. This one is for the upcoming Grammar Art Show.

And I've blatantly jumped on the Alice in Wonderland bandwagon and painted these for my 'homewares' line, and I'm happy to say they are now available at "The Chocolate Cottage" in Highfields. They also bought a lot of my other stock so I'll have to keep painting to add to my site asap.

I wish there was another part of the day that I could manage to get a little sleep in. What would you call it? There's 'daytime', 'night time' - and I think 'me time' is a total myth. And I've got the (lack of) hairstyle to prove it.

In other news, this Donna Hay recipe for dinner is SO delicious and quick, I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Now to do some tidying up in this office. Goodnight!


  1. ohh, I have this phobia of sorting out clothes, i don't know what it is but I just become soo overwhelmed!

    i love your alice series, beautiful & that quote..let me remind myself of that when I am surrounded by "snow"
    take it easy Anna, look after you!

  2. I love that piece for the Grammar Art Show. Really love it!

    And thanks for keeping it real. I don't have a deliberate hairstyle, either.

  3. Yay, love the Alice pieces :-) And the quotation! And the painting! And the organisation! x

  4. Lauren12:19 pm

    I am trying the mantra "I am organised and efficient" - saying it over and over and over and hoping for the best. I am proud of you for doing the girls clothes and I really like the paintings too.

  5. anniebags10:03 am

    I took a bag of girl clothes(size 0000) to my sister's yesterday and came home with a BIGGER bag of girl clothes(size 1)! Love the quote, love the pics...now have a long bath.

  6. Marissa9:04 am

    Thanks for showing us your latest "works" - all bright and beautiful! Love your fridge quote & your sorting mission too - always comforting to be reassured that most families face similar frustrations! Looking forward to reading that Donna Hay recipe! Have a lovely week!

  7. Sounds familiar : / love that quote - mind if I stick it up on my fridge?
    Came across your blog via another *love* it.
    I may have a piccie of the babbooshka dolls if you still need one - let me know...

  8. Hi Anna,
    I left you a comment on the babooshka/matroyshka post...oh and would you please please let me know if you will be replicating the alice paintings and how much they will be???
    The food looks amazing...I love your blog!


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