05 October, 2009

I love dressups!

We don't do halloween here, but if we did, I think dressing up would be the funnest part.
How do kids look fantastic in everything they wear?!!
Today S actually managed to put on a denim jacket upside down and back to front. I didn't know it was actually possible, but now I know it is. Of course I had a crying bub in my arms at the time, so alas, no pic of that sweet moment.


  1. Dressing up is definitely lots of fun. I seem to end up going to one or two dress-up parties a year! :) Although we're never as cute as kids effortlessly manage... ;)

  2. I agree on the kid-walking-around-looking-spiffy-no-matter-what thing. I mean, it's not like I can do an elasticated waist any more - even on a dress-up...


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