22 October, 2009

Step 2 - The Rug

You may remember this before photo of our 'grown ups' lounge corner (it's a corner because line-of-sight is required to small children right now - I know all the interior design experts would probably not put the lounges up against the windows - even my husband struggles to cope with that, but for now, it's needed - can you tell it's a bit of a sensitive issue around here?).

I'm now on a quest to make my home more of an 'Anna Maria Horner' experience than the 'send Oprah's Rescue Team around' experience that it has been known to be around here.

So far I've made the first batch of cushions:And today I ordered a new red rug for the floor.The delivery fee to Toowoomba is only $20 even though the rug is pretty big, so that's a lot easier than wrangling the kids and reorganising carseats. So when that arrives Step 2 will be complete!

Still to come - Step 3 'Painting and resining the coffee table (with tutorial - including some blowtorch action!)' and Step 4 'Replacing the corner table with something that includes storage'. Hmmm, there's some second hand shop trawling required to work on that.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Oooh, I love the colors you're adding. That red rug is going to look fabulous!


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