11 October, 2009

What a great fair!

Here are the lovely apron-clad ladies on Steffi & Mary's Afternoon Tea Stall. Every apron sold. And the cakes were pretty great too.

And here's Therese, who refused to take hers off (which made her husband very happy), my poor hubby in the "Dunk the Teacher" cage - it was freezing!, and a shot of the fantastic fireworks finale. A huge congratulations to all the organisers and to the Man Upstairs for holding the morning showers off til today.


  1. The aprons turned out really well! They look fab :)

  2. Looks like fun ! Love the aprons !

  3. Anna I absolutely love that cupcake apron, YUM indeed!!!! sounds like a fantastic day, great work.

  4. Looks like a fabulous day! Congratulations on the fruits of all your hard work :) K

  5. Anonymous10:10 am

    Hey Anna, thanks for posting that really flattering photo of me in the apron - big cheesy grin and all!! Ps: when are you making those yummy Anzac biscuits again? Love and kisses, Therese xxx

  6. Mary Mary11:38 am

    Yo Anna - Therese dobbed you in re your blogspot (sounds like a tropical skin condition). Thank you SO much for the aprons you did for us. Steffi and I got to have first pick! They were beautiful and I'm not surprised that they all sold.
    Again, thanks for your help with a successful fete.


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