05 October, 2009

New Kit Coming

Here is a sneak peek of a new screenprinted kit that will soon be listed in the shop.

I have made these little angels up as coloured hanging softies, but really, the idea is that you can make them up in any way you wish - you can paint them, stitch them, applique them, bead them, laminate them... It's up to you.

And once they're made, they can adorn your home, your Christmas Tree, be given as 'girlfriend gifts', all sorts of things really.

I've drawn them all individually, but they can be paired up as 3 front/backs as they are almost mirror images.

What I am looking for is two keen crafters to each take one of my panels and do with it what they wish and send me photos. I will send them some extra goodies for their trouble, as well as their fresh-off-the-screen panel.

Just leave me a comment and let me know what you'd plan to do with it - don't worry about being too detailed, I'm just keen to see two different applications, ie, beading and stitching, not both stitching, if you know what I mean. I'll put this call up on the Meet Me At Mike's forum too, then make the call on Thursday night (8 Oct) and send the fabric out on Friday.

Looking forward to gauging the interest!


  1. So cute! I'm madly into embroidering at the moment (among so many other things!)... I think they'd look so cool embroidered :) K

  2. Such a cute idea, would love to 'do one up' to hang over my soon to be baby's cot, as a guardian! Great for crafties to make and give as gifts. Love it!

  3. I can't decide. Softies, a patch on a t'shirt/skirt or bag, an embroidery, a mobile or bunting above a bed. They are gorgeous and my girls would adore them.

  4. They are gorgeous angels - not sure what I'd do with them though! Maybe as a panel in a cot/crib quilt? Maybe appliqued or used as a pocket on a very twirly girlie skirt? And I do love them as softies and reading some of the previous comments they would look great interspersed with fairy lights above a cot (as guardian angels). Very lovely - from a talented crafter!

  5. they are fantastic Anna!
    I think they'd look fabulous painted and appliqued on christmas gift bags. like small or big santa sacks.


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