14 October, 2009

Love this idea

I just saw this on Remo (which I have loved for years) - The Eco Potmaker - either to give as the gift or get it yourself to make pots, grow plants and then give them as the gift. (You can click on this image and go straight to the page - it's a HUGE site)
Get Eco Potmaker from REMO General Store
The kids did their maths and decided they wanted to get those Simpsons stickon things that The Courier Mail was promoting, so we've had more newspapers than usual around lately, and this seems like a great way to reuse a few. And I THINK you can plant straight into the ground with newspaper - I could be wrong. I'm going to get one anyway, and I'll let you know.

I also love their Tempus Fugit Wall Planner - this is ours, cut in the middle to fit on the pantry doors - it's time for a new one. Next year will be full of my schoolmates' 4oth's and dates are already being mentioned. It looks busy, but it's got weeks that start on Mondays and it really works for us. Just click on this image (below) if you want to have a look.

They also have some terrific blackboard napkin rings that look good... better put my credit card back in the freezer now.

If you're a Remo newbie, they'll also send you a free t-shirt (they were my 'uniform' for the school run for years), so they're very nice people.


  1. Lauren5:01 pm

    You are so annoying Anna. I was going to try to spend nothing at all today and then I saw your blog and ended up ordering a calendar and a t-shirt from Remo! I know I could have waited until tomorrow but ...

  2. I also ordered a calender and it arrived yesterday, there'll be no excuses from Mr bubba now as to what we are doing on any given weekend! Thanks for the link to this, it was just what I needed!


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