09 September, 2010

My Creative Space - flowerishus

These are the palettes, that painted this painting...

...that was from this scene in my parents backyard...

... and that is winging it's way all the way to Germany. Tomorrow.
Very exciting. 

Can you see the three bees?
I was lucky enough to catch one in my photo.

You'll see them pop up again in one of my Animation Friday posts.

For more of Thursday's creative spaces, off you go to Kootooyoo.


  1. I love the feeling of movement and "life" in this painting! Exciting that a bit of your parent's backyard will soon have pride of place in Germany!

  2. Of course you would be entranced by that busy bee, Anna. Takes one to know one!

  3. I love this! Just gorgeous.

  4. To Germany! How exciting. I noticed your palettes are tear-off sheets of paper ... is that correct?

    I do like this painting. I'm sure you've already flitted off to start another one.

  5. Flowerishus indeed. I would gaze at this lovingly if it was on my wall!

  6. That's just stunning! I love your contrast of dark and light as well as your choice of colours.

  7. such a good painting go you Mrs talented

  8. delightful, Anna!

  9. Bee-autiful! I got a lovely macro of some bumble bees when I was in New Zealand.... My Gosh those things are bigger than our sparrows! :)

  10. Loving your lavender. Gorgeous. You are such an awesome talent.


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