24 September, 2010

Animation Friday - Poppies Galore

As promised in last Monday's Art Tip, here are animations of the process of the two poppy paintings I featured. One on a black background and the other on white.

I'll be giving one away in just over a week - all you have to do is leave a comment on last Monday's post, telling me which you prefer. Good luck!

On white

online gif animator

or on black?

online gif animator

There'll be more Animation Friday discoveries over at my poppet!

Have just discovered that the wonderful French artist Nathalie Lete, who I posted about here, is painting at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast on Monday. Am definitely moving heaven and earth to be there.


  1. The black looks fabulous. I love these animations as we see the work come together (I still have no idea how you do what you do, but I like seeing it come together!!!) x

  2. On black has a real impressionist quality about it

  3. Love that you've done both!
    I am preferring the black i think!
    Really lovely Anna!

  4. black for me too. I love these animations. well done

  5. I even love your paintings when they're only half finished!


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