17 September, 2010

Animation Friday - Flashback

This is a painting that I did a couple of years ago, so I haven't photographed as many steps as usual. Sorry! And I did an extremely brief blog post about it here.

But I think it demonstrates next Monday's Art Tip, which will be about painting on a coloured or black background.

gif animator online

I love all the bright colours and the freedom in this one. And it was bought by a family with four kids, three girls and a boy - that's them, floating in the sky! I think this animation also shows the variations in colours possible with photography. And they're not all good.

Once again, this is my contribution to Animation Friday, over on the lovely my poppet.


  1. Started on the impasto canvas last night. You would be proud. It was 1 AM. Very weird after toothy old canvas for so long. It's nice but I like grain too. Nice to have an option though. Hasn't your work changed a lot in a few years? X

  2. I love the idea of a family being represented in a painting.

    Do you arty types ever sleep?

    I crash out like an old horse.

  3. Oh wow! I am falling in love with your work.

  4. That is just gorgeous Anna - Damn you're talented!

  5. That is the coolest animation, wow, i think more steps couldn't make it any better, i love it!! Love Posie


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