08 September, 2010


This is pretty much a visual description of my day today.

I took the girls to a coffee shop, for a farewell to a friend who was travelling for a month.
It was SO NICE to see some friends. 
But going to a cafe with my children is like having coffee in the monkey cage at the zoo.

When we got home I had a little helper at the clothesline.

At least that's what she told me she was.

To distract myself from the peg situation, I took the camera into the yard and noticed this wierd plant unfolding before my eyes (Anyone know what it is? My husband would know, but he's asleep and waking him up for blog post research probably isn't a career move...).

And this wierd, tap dancing dog of ours.

And the way the light glowed on the beads of water on the black chook.

 And this wierd bird in our tree.

  And a lonely swinging monkey.

And my snapdragons in bloom. Snapdragons remind my of my childhood. I love them.

And then my day felt a lot better.

Hope you had room to breathe today.


  1. ahhh yes, one of those days!
    you know what though, at least you stopped to appreciate every little thing that happened & have some lovely pics to show us.
    loving the pegs & the lonely swinging monkey the most.
    hope tomorrow is calmer for you.
    wish me luck, I am spending the day at kinder...

  2. Love this post! Love it! Love it! Love it!

    My kinda post. Brilliant photos of sweet ordinariness. Pegs on the grass sums it all up.

  3. That photo of your dog is priceless! And the scattered pegs look fab. A happy accident?

  4. I love that plant. It looks like a hand puppet from the little shop of horrors. Glad your tricky morning unfurled into a nice day. x

  5. Anonymous10:46 pm

    I found your blog via Animation Friday. Love your flowers! I also love seeing the processes that go into a painting, so thank you! I love the lavender in this picture and the photo of your dog in mid-air is amazing! I am warmed by your positive attitude to the peg situation. I'm sure I was a 'helper' to my mother and grandmother on many occasions. :)


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