23 September, 2010

Some crafting in the dead of night

I made this owl last night.

I did it because I was egged on by Chantal who is putting together an etsy owl treasury. But I've accidentally fallen for it. So it won't be for sale - it's for my daughter.  Her name means 'wisdom' so I've decided owls are her thing (until she tells me otherwise). Plus I've realised I'm never going to be a making-softies-for-sale sort of girl. There are much more competent sewers out there with marvellous ideas. I might just make a couple more of these for my own present shelf.

The table is my creative space at the moment. I am making some more hobby horses that will be for sale, so it's good to know that's all underway.

And the undies - well, the lovely Cintia of my poppet put me onto Project Underpants and I was in Kmart
and knew it is a little project that I'd be happy to help. Maybe you can too.

Or join in my "Great Hanky Drive" and pick up a handy hanky for charity. More designs are on their way.

So it's all happening around here this school holidays. I'm a bit tired of cleaning up spills (lemonade on the carpet, anyone?) and having no chairs because of the climber we live with is wearing a little thin... But hey, the
mornings are a LOT cruisier. Love it.


  1. Hooray for Project Underpants!
    ....and what a cute owl, he looks so squishy, no wonder you're keeping him!

  2. Great owl! You can do anything!

  3. Fabulous! Your owl is adorable. You are such a star to create this softie under short notice and in school holidays. I know there is much juggling to be done when kids are home all day.

  4. Spills and climbers - I am over those too! I would like a dollar for everytime I said 'get off the table!'

    Gorgeous owl and you know I love your hobby horses!

  5. Marissa5:28 pm

    Very cute owl - love his eyes.....he'll be a much loved regular guest at any soft toy tea party at your place, I'm sure. School holidays and you're still creating - very impressed! xx


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