30 September, 2010

My Creative Space - Lete-ing inspiration in*

Last night I got a little homage to my art-crush Nathalie Lete out of my system.

I have a few ideas for these hearts - hope they look as good when I finish them as they do in my head! (That's often not the case, unfortunately.) We'll see!

Kristy's back from her break so head over to Kootooyoo for more creative spaces.

*Sincere apologies for the dreadful pun.


  1. Now I really like those hearts! Even as they are. What could you possibly do to make them even more beautiful?

  2. They are beautiful just as they are! Curious to see what you do with them.

  3. Nice , wanna see the outcome!

  4. These are seriously gorgeous. Stunning. May she continue to inspire you for more of this! You must be buzzing with excitement...one of those days when you can't wait to get back to your painting : )

  5. Oh wow, absolutely beautiful!

  6. I love these hearts - have you considered a fabric range?


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