16 September, 2010

My Creative Space - Paper Blooms

This week I made some VERY SIMPLE tissue paper flowers for a tea party birthday.

And because I had one person ask me how (and I really like her), here's the instructions. I'm sure I didn't think this up myself though, so if anyone can remind me where I saw it, please let me know!

This is the only tidy space in my house today.
I started with this $2.50 pack of multi-coloured tissue paper, from the $2 shop (I know, so why did I pay $2.50?), and a pack of 30 florist wire pieces that cost $2.95 (how does that happen?).

I cut a strip off the end like this (this is the third strip I cut, the paper was longer to start with).

Then I laid out the strip, tidied it up so each piece was on top of each other properly (not staggered like they are in the pack), and cut it into three (didn't measure - just approximated), and trimmed the corners like so.

 I then had to fix this situation. Hmmm, does dirt count as a protein?

Then take 3 pieces and pinch in the middle (I tried to put the lighter colour in the middle, but that's just being perdantic).

Wrap a piece of florist's wire around and twist to secure.

Fan out the 'petals' a bit, and you're done!

Before you know it, you'll have done another two...

... and maybe some green ones for leaves...

And you'll have a lovely bouquet like this.

Which you may like to try wearing on your head. And setting the timer to take a photo.

Totally up to you.

For more creative spaces, head over to the lovely Kirsty at Kootooyoo.


  1. Looks both fabulous and easy to make. I'm bookmarking this one! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how bright and cheerful those are! I vaguely remember making these in elementary school and loved it.

  3. Laughed at the head shot ...

    they put fluoride in water so they must put protein in dirt.

  4. Anna, love the flowers. Very you in terms of the bright colours. Love the last shot.

  5. Thank you for the tip and You are a lovely Carmen Miranda. There's your next costume!

  6. Thankyou for reminding us that a tutorial photo shoot is often interupted by a tissue moment... BTW, it could totally have been chocolate cake ...

    Love the flowers. And was there ever a $1 shop before inflation?

  7. Ha! You make me laugh. These are great. I quite fancy them as a hat myself. x

  8. By the way, I have been using black gesso for a while now but had not ever thought of using impasto medium as a primer base. That was like icing a cake. Only problem was I did it while making meringues and the impasto and meringue mix look mighty similar but a blob on your hand sure doesn't taste the same!


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