29 September, 2010

My name is Anna, and I'm a groupie

A Nathalie Lete groupie!!!!

On Monday I drove two hours to see the wonderful Parisian artist, Nathalie Lete (seen here wearing one of her limited edition Blue Illusion cardis), paint in the window of the Blue Illusion store at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. It was worth every kilometre!

I blogged about Nathalie painting a window in Japan back in March, and then Pip blogged that she was coming to Australia, then Cintia at  mypoppet mentioned that she'd seen her (and her window photos are actually much clearer than mine), and then I discovered that she was coming to Queensland, so I coerced my mother and sister to look after my kids and off I went.

I arrived at about 1pm, thinking I was late, but Nathalie had been delayed at the airport. So I browsed with the proferred macaron and French champagne until she arrived (it's a bit dangerous to shop with a glass or two of champers under your belt, and the clothes were VERY nice, I'm just saying) and got straight to work.

 She was dressed in black and navy, with stockings and sweet heels, a purple apron and with a quirky, aqua pendant hanging on a long necklace. She mixed up her own paint (from powder) and started with the Eiffel Tower - which she was obviously incredibly familiar with.

By the end she had decorated the pane with butterflies, birds (including one complete with feathered top hat), flowers, a rabbit, and ladybugs. She then very generously signed Blue Illusion catalogues (which she has also illustrated), chatted and posed for photographs.

Her artwork will also be on the next Blue Illusion Catalogue, and the painting will stay on the window until Christmas goes up in November.

I'm so inspired by her style of painting and her whole body of work. It's quirky, colourful and decorative - is there such a thing as 'mature naiive' painting? And as a person she simply oozes French-ness.

A lady in the crowd recommended this book to me -

so because I was in some kind of French frenzy I even managed to find a copy of it at a bookshop at Pacific Fair and am about 4 chapters in already. It's great. I'd love to take my daughters to Paris when they're old enough.

For the record I did not buy any Krispy Kremes while I was there. And that's significant.

 Because I was at the Gold Coast and love the beach, I had to put my toes in the ocean before heading home (via Ikea!).

A fabulous day. And the inspiration is dripping off me. Can't wait to put a brush to canvas.


  1. Green with envy! That's my idea of a gorgeous day (you even got to top it off with a stop at Ikea!). Have only just become familiar with Nathalie Lete through the postings you have mentioned. Love your comments on the shoes, hee hee. Glad you had such a lovely day.

  2. Anna - that sounds like a wonderful trip - and well deserved too!!! You make me feel lighter just reading about your child-free trip!

    I have read that book too - really enjoyed it!

  3. Sounds like an inspiring day. And good girl for not succumbing to the donuts. x

  4. Oh Anna, how exciting!! My husband was delayed at Brisbane airport too, hmmm . . . what magic to watch her, love her shoes too, oh the French, they are so stylish. Sounds like a gorgeous day. So funny you had such a high then a trip to IKEA. I'm doing the same in Sydney tomorrow, not too trashy to swing by IKEA on the way home from a funeral is it?? I'm redecorating the bedrooms of 4 children, it has to be cost effective. Love Posie

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you! How lovely to meet someone whom you admire and for her to continue to inspire you.

    She looks gorgeous in her Frenchness!

    Your excitement is palpable in this post! Love it. And what a wonderful day away on your own doing something you love!

  6. Wow. How exciting! And yes that book is great. I read it a few years back and it's still a favourite... dreamy!

  7. I am excited for you and I love how this meeting/event has insired you.


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