01 April, 2010

Blogger Problems

I've been trying to upload a TINY image that I took when my lovely FIRST EVER photobook arrived yesterday (I'm very happy with it), but this 'blogger draft' setup I've found myself stuck in (I do like the new 3 column layout) won't upload my images.

It LOOKS LIKE it's uploading, but it goes on and on (those dots go round and round) but it never ACTUALLY uploads and stops. Do you have any ideas about how I can fix it?

So I'm going to say HAPPY EASTER to you all and start packing for our 'almost camping' (we stay in tents around a house and I'm related to pretty much everybody there so the kids are safe and someone's always got the thing we forgot to bring and are happy to share - the best type of camping) Easter trip.

Next week is school hols so my teacher husband is home and I'm hoping I'll get some more painting and projects done. HOPEFULLY blogger will let me show and tell.

Again, HAPPY EASTER. I'm going to be spending some of it talking about the real reason for Easter with my son who desperately wants the Stig (from Top Gear) Easter Egg from Target (exclusively, he tells me). I hope the bunny shops there!

Oh, and I'm trying to remember the blog  that offers wonderful free papercrafts so S and I can make some paper easter baskets... they've got a goegous flowy script for a logo and the paper printables are seriously modern and cute... anyone???...  and my memory's here somewhere too...



  1. Have a wonderful Easter Anna!

    PS. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and look for the checkbox that says "Make Blogger in Draft My Default" ... then you will be able to escape!

  2. well hopefully Liesl's tip works for you because I have none to offer.

    Sounds like the very best kind of camping trip - have a wonderful, relaxing time. Also - your son sounds hilarious!


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