07 April, 2010

Other People's Studios

I have always been interested by the spaces that other artists create in. I also love the paintings or drawings they do of their spaces, and have bought posters of the spaces of Ken Done and Brett Whiteley that I have on the walls of my (currently unused because I have to stay in the house with the kids) 'big' studio, for inspiration.

Today I found the website of Nathalie Lete who featured in a video in a previous post of mine (painting a shop window here) and I love her space (above). Quirky, industrial, friendly, colourful, and importantly SPACIOUS!

I also love seeing the studio of  Judy Wise - a prolific artist and crafter with a super blog that I've followed for a few years now. I love the freedom and the calamity, altho she would admit in this photo (above) it needs a bit of sorting.

Another artist I admire is Tiel Sievl-Keevers, and this is a shot of her workspace that she shared recently. All of Tiel's photographs are beautifully composed and she looks really organised - and that's a goal of mine.

I loved the ABC DVD called "Studio"  although I think I was watching it on the laptop and got distracted before it finished - I must find that ...

Now I am off to sort out my space before I share it - if you're showing your studio or workspace on your blog, I'd love to know about it! Just leave a link in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Oh to be off the dining room table and in a beautiful studio space... *sigh* ;) Thanks for sharing these Anna. I'm still trying to work out how to achieve this but I love seeing others'. Have you seen that fab series of "ateliers" put out by Edition Paumes? So worth seeking out if you can - just dreamy :) Kx

  2. Sorry forgot to give you the link...

  3. Hi Anna, these are lovely ... I also really enjoy seeing where others work. I find it so inspiring. I work in a very un-glamorous spare room but am very grateful that I at least have a room - Kylie that link you shared was amazing - I'm still working my way through the site - thanks

  4. What wonderful spaces. I rearranged our dining room yesterday and dragged my wheel inside, I feel a bit crazy! Thankfully its far more conducive to work now so its worth it :D I posted some photos on my blog this morning


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