01 April, 2010

It worked!

Would you believe I write a post about blogger problems and they resolve themselves!

Thank you Universe (and Hoppo Bumpo!)!

Here is my new photobook (of old photos and sweet memories) and there will be more. Kid's First Years, birthdays, holidays... better start saving up now...


  1. photobooks are great!
    glad to hear you are all sorted with blogger.
    your blog is looking very fabulous Ms Anna!!!
    enjoy your easter weekend.
    hugs to you'♥

  2. Photo books are the best aren't they. It is so easy these days to record and collate all your memories. Not to mention with every contraption having a camera attached there's no excuse not to snap every occasion.

    Also, I don't know much about Blogger but I think your new template looks great Anna!

    Hope you and your family have a lovely relaxing Easter,
    Allison xx

  3. Ha! When I saw your initial post about problems, I must admit to a bit of a snicker because I new it would help lend credibility to my little gag today. ;)

    So glad it got straightened out, though. The book looks just lovely!

  4. Love that happy photo! photo books are great! I need to make some myself for my boys. So much easier than the old scrapbooks!

  5. Hey Anna,
    Happy Easter! Tho no doubt you are already away camping...it hasnt rained either shock horror!
    I have a couplke of questions for you...1. whats the name of the site where you get your photo books done.2. I responded to your post about the matroyshka dolls...I have a dvd on painting them if youd like me to post it to you and 3.Alice...I have an obsession with alice in wonderland but I believe she has been sold (rang the shop on Thursday) Id love to buy another one if you are up to painting her again...anyways...get back to me when you can...Ange


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