20 April, 2010

In my mailbox

I've been trying to restrict my blogging this week. Assignments to do and children to mother and all that...

But I've nearly finished this work I'm doing, the babies are sleeping, and I had to share this giveaway prize that arrived in my letterbox yesterday.

It's from sister outlaws and how cool is that? Packaging the whole thing in a real pocket. Love it!

This is what's inside:

It's a terrific idea and I look forward to pulling all the bits out and having a go when I get a moment. I have to confess (and it does feel like a real 'confession' on a crafty blog like this) that I have a serious, intense, complete dislike of buttons (stems from a young age) so might have to figure something else out there.

This is what it may look like when it's done (just without the button, of course).

And I finally saw Julie & Julia a week or so ago, and combined with the fresh eggs from our lovely chickens that I haven't mentioned much lately, and because I don't have a Julia Child cookbook (yet, I've put my order in for Mother's Day) I've referred to my quite posh Delia Smith cookbook and am working on making the perfect poached egg.

Yum. I used to be a solid yolk person, but I'm definitely converted to the deliciousness of a soft yolk now. Superb.


  1. Here's to fresh eggs! They poach so much better. I am also a convert to runny yolks, soaked up with a piece of sourdough...
    The Mr bought me the Julia Childs cookbooks, and since doing so he who never cooks has become the master of poached eggs in our household.

  2. Does that involve swirling the water so the white wraps the egg up as the water spins? I saw Gordon Ramsey do that once and still haven't been able to replicate it

  3. THANK YOU !!!!!! for my gorgeous Alice she is now hanging in Bindys room looking very pretty !!! I have left you something on my blog ;0) xxx Tina


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