06 April, 2010

Here comes that bandwagon again...

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. We enjoyed what is most likely our last extended family gathering at Wivenhoe Dam (the property is on the market) and treasured every minute. Home now, with mountains of washing and extremely tired kids...

Which may be why I just had to do a few little paintings last night...


The last time I painted Alice in Wonderland characters a local shop snapped them up straight away.

This time I'm showing them to you, my lovely blog friends, first, just in case one catches your eye and you'd like to grab it before I promote them to my email list next week.

Each character is a 25 x 20cm original, painted in top quality artists acrylics (Golden Paints of course) on 15mm thick plywood, sealed all over (front, back and sides) with a gloss varnish, and with an indent drilled in the back, ready to be hung on a nail at your place. I decided to leave the ply showing through this time, and love the neutral, textured background of the panels.

They are priced at $55 each and there's free postage if you're reading this - just enter the DISCOUNT CODE "BLOG" and the shipping will magically disappear! (Australia only - please email me for overseas postage prices.)

The extra good thing about painting on panels like this is that they are easy to post, so I know they'll get to you in perfect condition.

Just click here to go to the site. (I've been trying to link the images to no avail... ah, blogger, one step forward, two steps back at the moment.)

Thanks again.

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  1. Hi Anna, just started following your blog,love your Alice creations - they are so vibrant and fun!


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