13 April, 2010

The kookaburras are laughing

This is not what a sleeping baby looks like.

Could someone tell my daughter?

The sun is peeking over the horizon and the kookaburras are laughing and obviously God is telling me not to be smug and assume I know anything about babies even though I've had a stack of them.

We've done it all tonight - I've even panadolled myself, and I've noticed one difference now is that I compose blog posts in my head as I'm patting that little bottom through the bars of the cot (I'm sure my forehead has a big flat patch in the middle from leaning on those bars) instead of counting to 100 over and over again which I remember quite clearly when boy number 2 wouldn't sleep.

He is now 8 and sleeping soundly at this very minute, which, thankyou God, reminds me that this too shall pass.



  1. Now I lay you down to sleep
    I'm thinking blog not counting sheep.
    If I should sleep before you wake
    I'll eat my hat instead of cake!

    Patting their bums to sleep- another use for hands. Take your arms off, refer to Armless Anna and get D to build a baby bum patting device....

  2. I remember it well!

  3. Oooh, it passes - but it can feel like an eternity before it does!

  4. Ohh Im feeling it here as well. Ill think of you while im up tonight doing the same thing , hoping you are getting your sleep!

  5. I'm there with you. I thought my first was tough, but at nine months she started sleeping like a dream, and still does with only the occasional hiccup. My second is 15 months old and still showing no real signs of ever wanting to sleep soundly. I know it will pass, but doesn't it feel sloooow in the moment?

  6. It will all work out Anna, and sooner than you think! Eva screamed at me from her cot for an hour and a half in the wee hours when I was trying not to feed her during the night. She even tossed out the dummy and bottle of boiled water in anger. The next week we did "controlled crying" with her, and while she is very, very loud and determined, she didn't wake up Harrison (right next to her cot), we never let her cry for more than 2 minutes before we went back in to her (so we didn't feel like we were being too cruel), and it only took 3 nights to get to 11 or 12 hours of blissful sleep. This WILL happen for you and Beth too - I promise!


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