22 April, 2010

No creative space today - just inspiration

Things have been too busy around here to do much of anything well. And I have a very special visitor from Perth arriving tomorrow, so hopefully she'll ignore the mess and enjoy my company, so I'd best get to bed so I'm feeling perky...

I did want to have a creative space today, but that's simply not going to happen (although there were banana bread, lemon cake and vegemite cheesy twists baked, no photos were taken), so here's what someone else's creative mind dreamed up instead...

From the world of wonderful ideas, check out these fabulous USB sticks from OOOMS (clever dutch design).

They are also the brains behind the glassbulb light and the solar birdhouse:

Very clever. Hope you're feeling a little inspired now.

For a little bit more inspiration, visit the new Pictory showcase here.

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