08 April, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm playing along with Kirsty's meme again today, and I'd like to call this 'procrastination crafting'... as I did it the other night when there were probably about a thousand other things I should have been doing.

To give you the background, I'd FINALLY tidied up these shelves in our kitchen that had been collecting clutter for at least the last three years, and when I'd finished I was underwhelmed.

I happened to have the sewing machine out and started imagining how I could 'wallpaper' one side of each shelf in fabric... but after thinking it through and measuring the space, I decided to stitch the fabric onto A4 sized card, then attach the sheets to the shelf with double sided tape. I would have made the pattern join up properly, but I only had a square piece of this particular Anna Maria Horner fabric design, so I just had to make it fit.

Now, I doubt if anyone else will notice it (including my husband, actually), but I'm personally very happy with the end result of a very small change in a part of the house I spend a lot of time in every day.(I've just noticed that there's still a champagne cork hanging off that cupboard handle... probably from when we whet the baby's head 10 months ago... amazing what you get used to, isn't it.)

On a completely different note, for gorgeous photographs (like none I've ever taken while travelling) check out this Pictory tour of London.

And for more creative spaces visit kootooyoo.


  1. Great idea - such a small change that has made a big difference.

  2. Nice! It really jazzes up the corner! Doesn't matter if you're the only one who notices, that's reason enough :)

  3. wow, that looks so great. I have shelves just like this, might need to do a little procrastinating myself...
    Nice to come across another Queenslander!

  4. oh, that's so nice - like a little feature wall. Must go shamelessly copy your idea now ... :)

  5. Fabulous idea - it really lifts it, Anna. I had a laugh when you mentioned your hubby - I moved all the furniture around one day (nothing was where it had been) and my hubby did not even notice! Typical, hmm? Have a great weekend - kids back at school next week YAH! Kx


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