07 July, 2010

It all came together

After a bleak, cold and windy Saturday we were truly blessed by the weather for my littlest one's Christening last Sunday...

Many of our (very large and lovely) extended family were able to make it, and the kids sat along the playground like galahs on a fence - probably knowing they were being easily supervised by their parents...

As the last one of my brood, with exactly eleven years to the day between the Christening of the first and the last, it was a little bit emotional but pretty much perfect. I had lots of helpers with the food and children, and just added a few special touches to the day, working on the 'papercut' theme that I'd started with the invitation artwork.

Lovely now that the full set have been 'done', to look back and see that I've changed my way of doing things a little...

Child Number One didn't even get his name on his candle.

I made the white garment for child number one, so thought it'd be interesting to look back at each child wearing it. With only about eight photos to choose from for the first two, and about 200 each for the last two (hello digital cameras!), the photography has definitely improved. But not the waistline. Must get back to that project...

Now for little J's confirmation and first communion later this year...


  1. Look at those Christening photos! What an angel! I'd have been teary too.

    I'm impressed by your candles. We only have one, and it spends most of the time in the bottom of the pram. I never know when I'm going to need it, and it's always easy to find there.

  2. Marissa7:52 am

    Hi Anna, looks like a really special day was had by all! The papercut features are gorgeous......thanks again for sharing

  3. those candles are just beautiful Anna. i love the paper cut artwork - is that ready to roll royal icing on the cake? It looks SPECTACULAR!!!!


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