12 July, 2010

LOVING papercuts

I've been so interested in papercuts lately. Thought I'd research a little and spread the inspiration.

It's been happening at the home of  Kylie from 3 Sheets -

And Karen O'Leary does these amazing hand cut maps from large blank sheets of paper.

Craig Ward incorporates type into his papercuts -

Julene Harrison does amazing things too -

And of course, the pretty amazing Skinny La Minx  makes all sorts of things from her papercuts - 

Now off to finish the folding (again) so I can find some time with the scalpel...


  1. i love those- the courtyard hounds cd cover art is beautiful- have u seen it?

  2. Wow! Quite amazing. I'm guessing a very sharp scapel, steady and and lots of patience is required.

    But quite satisfying if they turn out as beautifully.

    Very skillful.

  3. Hi Anna, Long time no comment! I have been working in the real world.... I am finding myself drawn to papercuts too / In a big way...almost an obsession!! I ordered some beautiful tape from rob ryan mister rob or rob town on etsy and they sent me a delightful papercut free along with my stuff..... i was Excited. ;0)
    Thanks for the paper cut links.

  4. wow - total and utter inspiration! I love all things to do with paper. Am off to do some serious perusing :)


  5. so fun to know your blog and art now -- thanks for sharing! check out our good friend Jaya's work. she is a fiber artist who began experimenting with cut paper in grad school a few years ago. it's now her preferred medium, i think. http://jayamiller.com/


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