25 July, 2010

What you wear can change your life

This is the book I was reading one night when I realised my husband and I are REALLY quite different.

He was reading 'Teach Yourself Latin'. (He is a history teacher, so I suppose that's ok.)

Today was a bit of a redletter day, with me finally getting back to some painting this afternoon, while the kids enjoyed the solo parentage of their father. It's a big thing. B is still breastfeeding, but can go most of the day without. So with help, I can be free from time to time. And it feels good.

Pip has just asked the question - "What’s your making style?"  explaining that she has to dress down to be really creative, and if she's even a little bit 'fancy' she feels the need to take herself out for coffee.

To be creative, this is what I wear (winter version). Taken just now, at night, of the reflection in the door.

Not flattering. Definitely not fancy. Very comfy. Pretty sure Trinny and Suz would not approve.

Before the most recent babies, I got to wear an outfit like this most days of the week. And I loved it.

Today I moved my 'studio' (paints, brushes, canvases, etc) into my mother's studio (to separate me from the kids more successfully) and worked on this piece for the Downlands Art Show that's coming up. Three hours straight. It felt fantastic. I dissected the composition and I'm rebuilding it on the canvas. When all the colours are up, I'll add glazes and movement (well, that's the plan). This is what I got done.

You can see that it was light outside when I started, and was dark when I finished up. It's upside down, by the way. NB - it's a merry-go-round...

I don't always paint this 'bitsy' way, but it's a good way for me to get back into the swing of it again and rebuild my confidence.

And the best news is that mum's helping me with the kids tomorrow so I get to spend some more time on it.

I'm thinking I might do some posts on my painting tips. Interested? It'd make me move forward, knowing that you're waiting to hear more! Are you keen?


  1. It s like modern art.. Very colourful and thought provoking, just trying to figure out what made you paint this, and what it means... :-)

  2. I'd love to hear some of your painting tips!

  3. I'd love some tips too - I find it fascinating seeing your WIP (I remember the sunflower one posted a little while ago) and painting is a big mystery for me :)


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