20 July, 2010

More colours!

It's still all about hankies around here folks.

I've finalised my packaging (going with the papercut theme and the doilies remaining from the recent party) and am really happy with it. Neat and easy to post, but personal. There's a little story about them on the back too.

To thank my first madeit customers, I've done a small run of these 'solitary girl' hankies, and am including them as a thank-you with each new order until they're gone. So if you're one of the lucky first eight, they'll be making their way to you very soon.

And I've printed the 'Bless You' design onto red and blue - which I love. The white is so crisp and clear, and there's plenty of room around the outside if you really have to blow your nose or something. I have just listed two of each in the new shop.

Now that this project is up and running, I can turn to other things (like cooking dinner I guess).

Actually, it's as if since B turned one and is a little more independent, interesting business opportunities have been coming my way. I've never been a marketing consultant and had a blog before (I have done the marketing thing, before the blog) - and I'd really appreciate your feedback on a few things. So start thinking what you like and don't like about hairdressers, and we'll chat about that tomorrow, shall we?

Bless you all!


  1. You're so clever.

    These hankies would make a lovely birthday present for a little school girl friend, wouldn't they?

    I'll drop by later and select some to put away.

    You're a clever, clever, clever, clever-clever.

  2. Hairdressers huh? Oh, I might be able to come up with a thing or two...

    PS. Loving the witty hankies – clever chook!

  3. Hello Fellow Madeitian! I love the red and blue with white - such great colour contrast! Following your blog :-)

  4. Marissa8:54 pm

    Lovely hankies, Anna. I had the pleasure of receiving one of these treasures in the letterbox today. A birthday gift from my lovely friend. M xx


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