01 July, 2010

My Creative Space - giddyup

Cue Godfather music...

We're getting ready for a christening and a 3rd birthday party in the coming week, so there's actually plenty of creative stuff going on around here this holidays. The horse head was pretty easy, and will hopefully be the first of quite a flock (what is the multiple for horses again?) as S wanted a 'merry-go-round' theme and I'm planning to make them all gallop in circles on hobby horses... that's lateral (and economical) thinking for you.

And my child isn't trying to be The Joker, that's vegemite from her toast.

Her invites were a group effort with my drawings, the boys writing and her extra swirls and were also delivered yesterday...

It's such a lovely thing to have so much to report! Now I'm off to get more polar fleece out for the friendly 'herd' (is that the word?).

To check out some other lovely creative things, head over to Kirsty's at Kootooyoo!


  1. Some great ideas. I love those invitations, very special!

  2. Love the horse head and your kid's reactions - priceless. Have become a follower - love your creativity.

  3. looks like the makings of an amazing party!

  4. fabulous horse head lovey- I have been meaning to make one of these for Busy for ages... yours look fab!

  5. Fabulous horse Anna! Can't wait to see the whole stable all together :) Happy birthday and christening wishes for your household too! Kx

  6. Can't believe you made the horse head! Fabulous work. Great photos too.

    Can't wait to see the party snaps. My mind always boggles at what you come-up with!

    You're inspirational and brilliant (Sesame Street word of the day. Had to use it)!

  7. That's just what I need for our upcoming farm themed party. Are the ones in your blog header some of the others that you made?


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