21 July, 2010

Now let's talk about hairdressers...

I've never done this on the blog before, but I've just taken on a client who is a hairdresser, and I'm putting together some ideas for their, quite elegant, salon.

So what I'd like to know from you is:
- the WORST thing about going to the hairdresser, and
- the thing you love BEST about going to the hairdresser.

And if you have been wooed by some marketing that really spoke to you, I'd love to hear about that too.

Myself, I think parking and timings are difficult things with appointments (and babies), and one of my biggest frustrations is that I'm nearly 40 and still don't know of a haircut that I'd love.

My happiest hair period was when I was making regular appointments with a hairdresser that was a terrific cutter, and her salon had heaps of natural light, fantastic coffee and homemade biccies.

I'd love to hear your stories!


  1. They need to have great coffee and down to earth, happy staff.
    The worst bits are when you get bitchy hairdressers who ignore you while carrying on their own conversation, and when you have to sit and wait with dye in your hair because they've booked too many clients and are still busy with someone else!

  2. Best thing about going to a hairdresser - sometimes the no frills haircut with genuine, down to earth service works. I got a haircut up the road from me for $30 which everyone comments on and says is the best haircut I've had in ages. Was spending up to $200 at high end salon in the city prior. Worst thing - trying to push product onto me that I don't need, particularly when they sold me something at the last visit for dry hair and then try to sell me something in the next visit for oily hair. I agree with CurlyPops - good coffee and genuine, reliable service is the key. Oh, and when they are giving you a hair wash and scalp massage, please let us enjoy it without having to talk about the weather. Hope this helps!

  3. WORST:

    1. Any conversation involving choice of nightclub/quantity of alcohol ingested/current state of hangover.

    2. Having hair yanked during initial 'comb-through' to the point of prompting near faint (it's the curly hair thing).

    3. Refusal to believe you when you say "If you blow dry my hair I will walk out of your salon looking like I have been electrocuted."

    4. Constant indignity of walking out of salon looking electrocuted.

    4. Can somebody else please cut curly hair when it is dry? I haven't had a decent hair cut since that nice English bloke went back home twelve years ago.


    1. Head massage during hairwash. Mmmmmm.

    2. Skipping out of salon with fabulous haircut (twelve years ago)

  4. Lauren7:32 am

    My worst experience was to do with cost. I knew it would be expensive - maybe up to $150 for a good cut and colour and a few little extras like eyebrow wax but when it was all finished the bill was over $300! My husband and I had been deliberating about whether to buy a $300 clothes dryer and I spent the whole lot in 2 hours! The haircut was good but not that good (and my husband couldn't even tell the difference.

    I like having the same person for all the steps, not one person to wash and one to colour etc. I like time to read the magazines and some chat but not too much - I agree with Tania that the conversation should not centre around the hairdressers big night out that she no longer remembers.
    Clean salons with nice music is relaxing and enjoyable.

  5. Your friend is very lucky to have you gathering these tips. A trip to the hairdresser shouldn't feel like you've stepped into a nightclub. YOu should be able to hear yourself talk (subtle music) and you should be made to feel like you're welcome (not inconveniently cutting into their chat time). I have had some lovely hairdresses, most recently Therese at Just Cuts, who listened to my egotistical babbling about wanting to look younger, and actually suggested something that worked. If a hairdresser could include something for the kids to do while you sit there, I would be a customer for life.

  6. Anonymous10:09 am

    .Do not like sitting near a window on a main street with scary stuff on hair.
    .Do not like getting a bill for $50 more than originally expected because of little extras she pops on.
    .Do not like being interrupted reading the first cool mag I've seen since the last hair cut to answer inane questions.
    .Do not like being advised to buy $300 appliances to upkeep the cut they have just given me.
    .Do not like meandering around empty echoing mall halls with a key, a sheet around me and foils looking for the loo. (Pregnant mums can't wait)
    .Don't like washing hair for the 1st time after a cut and knowing it's good bye to that do because I can't replicate it.
    I don't go to the hair dresser much these days!


  7. I'm with Annie.

    I don't like being not listened to ... and then have the hairdresser do whatever they want.

    I don't like inane conversation.

    I also don't like having 'product' forced on me to the point where I feel cheap if I don't buy any.

    I love the massage chairs and love it when I don't have to say anything.

    Though, I love when a hairdresser listens to what I'm saying about my hair, and that I don't want a haircut that requires 1 hour's prep in the morning.

  8. I love going to my hair dresser.

    I book when its a quiet time in the salon and early in the day so I'm not waiting around (that's frustrating!), I have great updated mags to read,they offer me a drink(tea) and always a piece of yummy cake with cream.(last time I had blueberry cheesecake). When I get my colour rinsed I sit in a vibrating massage chair and always get a scalp massage.My hairdresser has curly hair like me,so she always knows what extra products to use.(at no extra cost) I'm always greeted warmly, by ALL the staff when I go and.... its affordable.I'm asked 'What program are you on?" I get the feeling that everyone has their own price structure...which makes me feel I can go more regulary. The salon decore is upmarket and is part of a luxury resort....I feel totally pampered and nurtured and wouldn't even think about going else where....

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