22 July, 2010

My Creative Space - Daily Bread

Friends started using their breadmaker again last week, which spurred me on to get our ancient breadmaker out of the laundry cupboard, so today this is what my creative space looks like.

Still haven't seen any stylists using my tip about the Peppa Pig plate...

I'd never baked bread in it without a mix before, but after a bit of googling, this is the basic recipe I used, and I added a handful of mixed seeds that I had in the pantry.

I've just put another batch on and set the timer so it'll be done at 3.10 - just in time for after school. So this is what it looks like now -

On an totally different note, did you know if you don't have softened butter you can just grate it for the same result (why did I only just figure that one out?).

B wonders the same thing...

Thanks for all the hairdressing comments on my last post so far - I really appreciate your ideas and insights.

My next question is - what would it take to get you to CHANGE hairdressers? Is it price, personality, bonuses... what would you think was enough?

OK, paintings due for an art show soon. Will be mulling over hairdressing ideas as the paintings come out of the end of my brush ... that's the plan anyway!

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  1. The last time I changed hairdressers (not that long ago) was because I didn't like the personality of the (young) hairdresser and the haircut wasn't that hot either. I don't like being palmed off to different juniors to cut my hair when I am paying professional rates.

  2. thanks for the grated butter tip! not sure why i havn't thought of it either!
    i have recently changed hairdressers. purely because of the personality of the hairdresser. I was over feeling crap after coming home. As one of my rare breaks from children it needed to be special 'me' time & now, thanks to my new hairdresser - it is!

  3. Great tip about the butter.

    You genius! B looks like a genius too! Chomping on bread, little pixie.

  4. We've been wanting to have a go a bread and have been contemplating a bread maker. Thanks for sharing your insights! (Gorgeous blog too!)

  5. The bread maker, well, this is one good idea. The only problem is that I don't really know in which cupboard I have it... :D


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