18 July, 2010

A little hanky panky is afoot

I've screenprinted some hankies - and I'm really happy with them.

Here is my son modelling 'hanky panky' (I didn't let him keep it - I made him have 'bless you' - because there's only so many more years that I can do that).

As you dear readers that have been following me lately know, I did this papercut a little while ago -

And a couple of days ago I turned it into this -

And then I built myself a brand new little madeit store (I'm totally over my old site and this is step one in my rebuild) to list them on.

At the moment there are two designs in these colours -

My mum (and currently my best 'customer') has already snatched up three, and has advised me to 'see how they go' (I'm prone to throwing myself into making a hundred of things before I test the market), so that's what I'm doing. If you like, please let me know.

A couple of months ago I started keeping a few hankies in my bag, mainly for wiping faces, hands and knees (moreso than tears and noses actually) and I have really enjoyed using them. So I'm hoping I'm not Robinson Crusoe here.

I also think they'd be great to pop in a card for a girlfriend, add to a personal gift, or send to someone who's sad. So if they're not a hit with you lot, I'll be using them all myself anyway.

If they are a hit, I'll happily print more and more and more... and take over the world one hanky at a time!!! Mwahhahhhahhhaaaa!!!!!

Yeah sure. I'll calm down and finish packaging them first maybe. They're not going to make my millions, but I really do love them. Hope you do too.


  1. I really like them too! Hope they go really well (planning a visit to your shop once I make a list of people to give them to!)

  2. love them, love them, we need to bring back the Hanky! Your blog is looking cute too

  3. Love them - you are too clever. Just letting you know that I awarded you a Sunshine Blog Award over on my blog. Thank you for your crafty and mumsy inpiration. I just love reading what you are doing and trying to keep up!

  4. I love your photography!!!


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