01 October, 2010

Animation Friday - more Nathalie

Nathalie's source images for her mural. Gorgeously expressive line drawings.
OK, OK, so this has been Nathalie Lete week around here! Honestly, I haven't felt so enthusiastic about a particular artist for ages.

So my submission for Animation Friday this week is from the photos I took of Nathalie painting the window of the Blue Illusion store at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, last Monday.

gif animator

Thank you for indulging me! Of course, for a bunch of other interesting animations, head over to mypoppet. You could add one of your own - they're very simple to make.

Next week I'll have other topics to mention, I'm sure. And the results of my Nathalie-inspired art-hearts to show and tell!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. What sort of store is it? Is it all French stuff? It's wonderful to see you so excited ... sometimes children can sap that ... it's important to have something for yourself which keeps you going.

  2. Have you noticed she stands like a ballerina? Nathalie is just so French, n'est ce pas? I just missed her at Sydney airport on Wed. Where else is she painting/ appearing?

  3. she was pretty awesome, I was mesmerised watching here in Malvern, although you had to jostle for a good possie. Cant believe there isn't a crowd, Philistines!


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