15 October, 2010

Animation Friday - Rule of Thirds Demo

Last Monday's Art Tip talked about The Rules of Thirds (not exactly sure where the plurals should go there...).

This animation shows the development and application of the rules I mentioned.

gif animator

For more fun Friday Animations, be sure to visit Cintia at my poppet!


  1. Wow! It's amazing to watch this painting develop the depth and "3D quality". You're so talented Anna! x

  2. I understand the Rule of Thirds in terms of positioning the subject ... but for some reason I can't understand the Rule as it applies to colour/tone. I think I just have to accept that.

    I love the painting you've used. I actually like the top image where it's been cropped to landscape. That could hang on my wall, anytime!

  3. Very nice to look at!

  4. That's a beautiful painting. I love your animations.

  5. I love your paintings - and such a great idea to record them during development!

  6. What a great teaching tool, you never cease to amaze

  7. What a lovely Toowoomba scene! Is that you and your sister having a natter over the prams or am I projecting a bit here?


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