11 October, 2010

It's been quite rainy today

For YEARS, we have been in drought here. Water restrictions, the farcical recycled water referendum, dust storms and crisp, brown grass.

But not lately. We had the wettest September on record, and October may turn out to be no different.

So today we baked cornflake cookies...

Made dodgy balloon animals ...

And partied in cubbies.

 Not bad, really. 

Will post that pork ribs recipe tonight, and share the Cluedo party info tomorrow. My blog life is back on track!


  1. That black-footed rock wallaby balloon sculpture is uncanny.

    Good to see rain at T-ba.

  2. Wow, saw the rain on the news, i think my husband drove out of Brisbane just in time, your whole state is washing away. Excited about Cluedo, love Posie


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