03 October, 2010

A lovely impulse purchase

I do love hearts.

So much so that I just had to accidentally buy this gorgeous plate from here on Etsy just now.

This sounds like a confession, doesn't it.

I might have to put it away so one of the kids can give it to me for Christmas. Do you do that too?

PS I will be drawing the winner of the black or white poppies painting tomorrow (Monday) after lunch. So if you haven't left a comment yet, just go here to be in it. Good luck!


  1. What a lovely gift to yourself! I think I'll put those sort of things away for later, but when they arrive, I can't help but display them straight away.

    I'm glad someone else buys things for themselves on Etsy ... my biggest weakness.

  2. very nice! I always think it would be nice to plan ahead for gifts for myself / others (my sister does this), but have a bad habit of forgetting them...


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