23 October, 2010

Is anyone else watching this?!!

Our whole family has been seriously enjoying the clips from "Race Around the Island" on Saturday Disney. Honestly, my husband is 47 and we're all getting a laugh out of it.

Now, instead of having to appoint one member of the family to be the 'spotter' and call us all when it's on, I've just realised you can watch the 5 minute episodes online here. There are four so far.

So meet the 3 teams -

The Newlyweds - Doug and Toni

 They're fierce, athletic and cut-throat!

The Backpackers - Ronja and Sonja
They're European twins with great hair!

The Models - Hilary and Dakota
They're beautiful, fabulous and fashionable! 

Favourite line -

Sonja- "We are so close. We always finish each other's...." 
 Ronja".... (long pause) ... sausages."

Waste no more time here - go here and have a Saturday laugh!

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  1. Um, missed that one, will look it up!! I'd have a soft spot for the Euro twins though.
    I can say that my much older husband (39) & i were in hysterics at Beauty & the Geek season premiere this week. Oh boy, who is funnier the sweet-air-head Beauties or no-clue-on-life Geeks?? Really really funny & i normally loathe reality television. Love Posie


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