20 October, 2010

Strange Company

Check out the totally bizarre and amazing ideas at this Finnish site - COMPANY.

This is prototype for a dress and playhouse in one ('for all the busy moms'). I can see that it would be handy at church, especially if we're late and need to stand at the back. Hard to get up the aisle for communion though...

How much fun are these dance shoes 'for the father and the daughter' - €95 + delivery.


And what about these Riding Pants 'for families without ponies' - at only €185, that'd be cheaper than a real pony, no?

How amazing to think of something (that would possibly be regarded as silly) and then make it (anyway)!


  1. And they're looking for an Intern!

    That's my one-way ticket to Finland, brothers and sisters!

  2. That dress is hilarious!

  3. Finland looks like Funland! Can we organise an excursion? Could that possibly be a macaroon necklace!!!?

  4. They weren't macaroons but a bunch of bags. It might well be possible to make non- felty Aussie dance shoes with Araldite, some strong stitching and a couple of pairs of generic crocs. I'm thinking lucky Daddy on Christmas morning!


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